Maobi is a rock band with harp and live painting.
Maobi was born by the meeting of Arnaud Roy (Harp and Kora) Gary Lawrence (Vocals and Guitar) and Anael Seghezzi (Paintings).
With a same interest for different kind of music stretching from bands such as Mogwai, Tinderstick to Miles Davis; they forge their own musical universe.
The crital harmonies of the harp minggle with the profound vovals in intimistic composition on the border of post-rock and atmospheric sounds. The duo doesn't hesitate to sometimes flirt with jazz improvisation and traditional african sound with the kora and percussions.
Those two composers are joined in a quartet formation with Julien Desrante (bass) and Pascal Delage (drums). This rythmic section enables the band to explore more abrupt fields, more saturated sounds and complexe grooves.

Apart from the unusual presence of an harp in such a formation, Maobi also distinguishes itself by a stunning visual creation.
Anael Seghezzi draws and paints live, stories and painting on their computer and the images are projected on a screen in front of the audience.

In January 2011 the band releases their first album: « The Fire Within » under the association Terra Incognita.